Quality construction is the most important part of any building project, but don’t underestimate the value of good design.  portfolio-small-3While this may seem obvious, a thoughtful design is often the difference between good and great.

Consider that fact the entire television shows are dedicated to demonstrating how an experienced designer can take an average property and turn it into something extraordinary, to the point where homeowners reconsider putting their house on the market.

All building projects begin with the design phase and it is important to get it right.  The design process should be collaborative between the homeowner, the builder and the Architect.  This phase of the building project should not be rushed and 5 Star Construction Unlimited will work with you for as long as it takes until you are completely happy with the design before the project starts.  We have experienced Architects that we have long standing relationships with but are happy to partner with yours if you prefer.

Design is about delight, style and the best use of space.  It takes into consideration a balance of taste and budget.  The difference between an average design and a great design can be complex, but sometimes it just the matter of a closet on one side of the room verses another, a door here instead of there.

If the design is right, you will enjoy your building project for years to come. Contact 5 Star Construction Unlimited today and we would be happy to discuss your project and come out to meet with you.

Our telephone number is: (845) 238-2457.  If we don’t pick up right away, we WILL call you back.  We pride ourselves on that.

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