Commercial Landscaping

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  Understanding this is critical for a business.  Before a customer ever steps foot in your store or office, they drive into your parking lot.5 Star Construction - Commercial Landscaping  The appearance of the building grounds and parking lot are the first images your customers, and potential customers, see.

It is critical that your landscaping look professional as it makes a statement about your business.  Picture this, you are a potential customer walking across the parking lot to go speak with an accountant for the first time.  You notice that the lawn is overgrown, the trees are visibly dying and the bushes look as though they have not been trimmed in years.  You might think, if the accountant maintains the property like this, will he do a good job on my taxes?  Sometimes these impressions are subtle, but they are there and they can impact the way your customers view your business.   The grounds don’t need to be perfect, but they do need to look nice.

The good news is the that the opposite is true as well.  This time you’re walking into a fairly high end clothing store.  The flower beds are blooming, the grass is nicely manicured and the sidewalk is in good shape.  This environment leaves a good impression on the customer before they ever step foot in the store.  The customer might think, “Look at how nicely they maintain the property.  If they take such nice care of the grounds like this, I’m sure I’m going to get a quality products and good service here.”

Beyond the aesthetic benefits of a well maintained property, there are very practical components of keeping your business grounds in top shape.  The number one reason is safety. How many “slip and fall” incidents would need to occur before your insurance company started to take a closer look at the property, and your rates?  Not many.  Many customers won’t go out on a snowy day for fear of car accidents.  While there is a certain wisdom in that, what if they knew, “that store on the corner always keeps their parking lot so well plowed. I think I’m going to stop in there today.”  Lastly, its no secret that over the long term, it generally costs less money to maintain property then to “repair” it after a period of time.

5 Star Construction Unlimited understands all this and is prepared and well equipped to transform and maintain your landscaping and grounds so that it is both beautiful to the eye, as well as safe.

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